Introducing    PrimeBed
Animal Bedding
The  Better  Way  To  Bed!
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PrimeBed is Highly Recommended for Horses or Livestock that are at risk or suffering from any form of Respiratory Challenge or Allergies.

Dusty Bedding Can Cause or Aggravate  Respiratory Issues For Horses and Their Handlers. All Forms of Wood Bedding and Straw  Contain Varying Amounts Of Dust, with Lab Analysis Having Shown that Many Contain Various Types of Mold Spores.

PrimeBed Assures a Safer and Healthier Environment for all, and your Barn will  Become Cleaner and more Hygienic.

You'll be amazed how much cleaner your barn and its air quality  becomes, once you get the Dust Out.


Exposure to Wood Bedding Dust is a known Health Risk!


PrimeBed is Extremely Absorbent, and Unlike Pellets, Sawdust, Shavings, or Straw, PrimeBed Absorbs Only at The Base of The Bed, and Sheds Liquid on Top, Leaving the Surface Dry and Clean.

Primebed Also Has The Extraordinary Advantage Over Other Bedding Types in that it Will Bind or Clump Wet Material at The Base of the Bed.

A Unique Bedding Advantage!

This Binding Performance Improves Your Bedding Condition and Efficiency, Helps to Control & Reduce Bacteria That Causes Ammonia, and Keeps Urine Isolated and Absorbed Well Beneath The Dry Surface Bedding.

When Used Correctly, PrimeBed will Improve the Comfort, Dryness, and Hygienic Environment, For All Horses, Livestock, Poultry, and Small Pets.

PrimeBed is ready to use straight from the bag Fast & Easy, eliminating all those soaking preparation steps involved with using wood or stove pellets. Not only will you save Time and Labor, you will save on Bedding Consumption with Considerably Less Waste.

With PrimeBed's Unique and highly efficient Absorption Qualities, it is possible to save up to 4 Times the Bedding Use Compared to Others!

Those Wheelbarrow trips to the manure heap are known to be lighter, and that manure heap too will not expand and grow out of control from wasted bedding PrimeBed Biodegrades Naturally and is "Best Choice" with Manure for field Fertilizer use.