PrimeBed Has Been Called "The New Generation Bedding"

                                           Here's Why!





Flax in Bloom Canadian Prairies.


Flax is widely produced around the world for it's Seed, Seed Oil, and Linen Fiber (Linen Fabric) with the highest acreage production right here in Canada. Flax has been used for centuries, and is one of the worlds oldest cultivated crops dating back thousands of years. After the seed is harvested, the remaining Flax straw goes for processing to harvest fiber from the stalks, this includes the inner core fiber protected and encased  at the center of the stock, known as the Shive Material. (Flax Shives)

Highly Absorbent and processed Dust Free, Flax Shives are an ideal bedding material that's all natural, safe and hygienic. Upon comparison, shives are far superior to all wood bedding materials and cereal straws.  Widely used throughout Europe by Equestrians, Livestock and Pet owners, Flax Shives are quickly becoming the bedding of choice!

PrimeBed is produced here in Canada, and Supports Canadian Farmers. 

The Origin of PrimeBed...It All Begins With Flax
  Bedding Performance

 PrimeBed is very unique from other forms of bedding materials, in that Urine Binds and Absorbs at the bottom of the bedding only, unlike all other traditional bedding types that get and remain wet from the top down, or are just poor absorbency overall, like Shavings or Straw.

PrimeBed is Different; it repels Urine upon surface contact, where it quickly migrates downward to the bottom of the bed. Once there, it will settle at floor level absorbing at the base of the bed. With the  absorption area remaining isolated at or near the bottom, your upper levels and surface remains dry, clean, and more hygienic, ammonia emissions are reduced, and as always your bedding remains virtually dust free! With the top layers of the bed now remaining dry and fluffy, manure picks off quick and easy, as Primebed sifts very efficiently through your bedding fork, resulting in little to no waste being generated from the surface and upper regions. The absorbed urine zones below the dry surface will clump and form a mat layer, that can be left unattended for long periods of time. Removal of the clumped or matted moist material below can be as little as once or twice a week if you choose, without disturbing it.                                                                                                  

With the greater performance and efficiency provided by PrimeBed, you can expect low waste and longer sustainability of your bedding, and most importantly, higher comfort levels provided for your animals, combined with a cleaner, drier, and more hygienic stall environment. Users tell us that Horses and Livestock lie down more with PrimeBed in their stall compared to other bedding materials, and remain cleaner without moisture soiled bedding stains being left on coats and blankets. Users also say that Fly Populations are reduced due to the lack of urine soaked top bedding being exposed in the stall, or unabsorbed urine remaining on stall floors.

Hypoallergenic: PrimeBed has a Neutral pH, and is known to be beneficial and preventative for animals prone to skin allergies.

Thermal Insulator: PrimeBed is a natural insulator, and self-regulates to provide a comfortable cool bedding in summer, and a warm & inviting bedding in winter.

                The Environment and Composting

When it comes to the environment, there are three words that are most important, "Organic" "Renewable" and "Sustainable", PrimeBed is All 3.


Not only is it All Natural, Organic, and from a Renewable and Sustainable Resource, it is also CO2 Neutral. You can be assured that you are doing your part to reduce your own Carbon Foot Print, in our effort to reduce global warming...but only with PrimeBed in your stalls!


PrimeBed is also safe for disposal, or better yet, transforms into a wonderful organic compost & fertilizer component with your own barn waste, for Pastures, Lawns and Gardens. In addition, PrimeBed is "pH neutral", as garden and landscape plants grow best in soils with pH values between 6.0 and 7.2 Primebed's pH value is perfect at 6.5. Further; it has the ideal Carbon to Nitrogen Balance (c/n ratio) for fertilizer use, very important because all wood bedding varieties are pure carbon, which deplete soils of much needed nitrogen (N). PrimeBed is also approved for use in Certified Organic Growing Environments, and should biodegrade on your manure pile, or in your compost, in approximately 8 weeks time.

Even our brown bags are planet friendly & 100% biodegradable, unlike other commonly used plastic bedding bags, which do not biodegrade.

So what's your best choice for the environment?

PrimeBed ...Unmatched and Simply The best!

Actual Compost of PrimeBed and Horse Manure.

A Beautiful Rich Medium With a Texture Similar To That Of Potting Soil. This material pictured was generated simply through natural decomposition with-in a common manure pile, and not in a constructed compost box. Why Pay For Disposal Services When You Can Generate This For Free, Apply The Benefits To Lawns, Gardens, Flower Beds, Pasture Areas and More.

"Not Just For Horses"

PrimeBed is Ideal  For All Livestock Classes, Poultry, And House Pets Too!

Three-colored new-born rabbit standing a

Keeps Coops Drier than other bed types, manure clumps on surface, and picks off easy.

Clean, Hygienic and Long Lasting.

Cattle Stalls & Parlors
Swine Pens
Chicken Barns & Coops
Guinea Pigs-Rats-Mice
Cats-Birds and Reptiles.

Ideal for Sheep & Goats, keeps pens drier with no dust, great too beneath deep straw beds for maximum absorption and lasts long.

Highly Absorbent in those liquid manure areas, safe in Organic Dairy Operations. Ideal component in slurry or solid field fertilizer. Neutral pH.

Warm Dry & Hygienic...Excellent For Baby Calf Enclosures.

Swine Shown Here on Flax Shives.

Provides a Dust Free Dry Bed. Keeps Pigs Comfortable, Relaxed and Content.

Cute litte rabbit on green grass with na

Comes Highly Recommended for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Mice & Rats.

 Perfect for all Pets!

Small Mammals - Birds - Reptiles - Cats 

Try Our New 13 litre Pet Bag.

 Available For Online Ordering in Canada & The U.S.

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Vets Agree...All Natural, Dust Free, Phenol Free, Hypoallergenic Bedding and Litter, is Critical For The Well Being of All Small Pets.

IMG_4469 copy.jpg
Other Proven & Practical  Uses For PrimeBed Flax Shives
"Liquid Spill Management"

Use PrimeBed All Around The Farm, Shop and Stable as a Versatile All Purpose Absorbent. Wherever Liquid Spills Occur, PrimeBed's High Absorbency Can Handle it All.                               

  • Motor Oil

  • Transmission Fluid

  • Hydraulic Fluid

  • Diesel Fuel

  • Antifreeze

  • Liquid Chemicals

  • All Organic Fluids

Spread a 1-2 inch (2.5-5.0 cm) cover layer over the entire spill area, leave it alone and let PrimeBed go to work. Check back periodically until all liquid has been absorbed.           

"Traction On Ice"

Primebed Will Provide Immediate and Effective Traction on Icy Surfaces and Compact Slippery Packed Snow Areas.

  • Will Cling to Ice Surface Providing Dry Traction.

  • Non Corrosive on Concrete Surfaces unlike Rock Salt!

  • Effective in Providing Rubber Tire Traction on Driveways and Roadways.

"Garden Mulch"
Ideal For:
  • Annual and Perennial Flowerbeds.

  • Vegetable Gardens and Orchards

  • Bulbous Plants and Roses

  • Patio Flower Pots

  • Rock Gardens

  • Shrubbery Areas

  • Spreads Easily With a Fluid Consistency to Cover All.

  • Blocks Out Unwanted Weeds, no need for under fabric. .

  • Insulates Bed To Hold & Retain Soil Moisture.

  • Neutral  pH, Therefor Wont Effect Your Soils Acidity.

  • Wont Deplete Soils of Nitrogen (N) like Bark Mulch Does!

  • Helps Discourage Slugs & Snails From Entering Garden

  • Light Color Reflects Sunlight Back Up To Plants

PrimeBed Mulch is Especially Ideal For Vegetable Gardens, Till The Mulch Into Soil After The Growing Season Ends.

This Will Biodegrade And Provide Humus Organic Matter To Enhance Soils For The Next Growing Season.


  1. Spread to a depth of 2 to 3 inches evenly throughout the garden area and around plants.

  2. To Prevent Wind Dispersal, water in after placement with your garden sprayer to settle and form a weather crust.

"Soil Enhancement"

Apply Primebed to your growing soils annually to provide valuable humus organic matter.

Adds organic material containing humic values to your soil to enhance uptake of nutrients, stimulate soil life, and build strong root systems.
(Spread liberally straight from the bag and till into soil.)
Commercial Horticulture
Green Houses
Field Nursery's