When Comparing PrimeBed to all other bedding materials, it's difficult to decide just where to begin, the reason for this? PrimeBed just outperforms on virtually all levels! 

You Have Now Discovered the many Benefits and Advantages to using PrimeBed, DUST & MOLD FREE - ALL NATURAL - ENVIRONMENTALLY SUPERIOR  - UNIQUE ABSORBENCY STYLE, To Name A Few.


The most important requirement of any bedding material, is its ability to absorb moisture and maintain a dry bedding surface, to extend bedding life, and maximize animal comfort. Lets look at an absorption comparison to a common bedding material, pelleted wood sawdust. Here you will observe the unique difference and quality that PrimeBed provides, as shown in this Fair and Equal Demonstration. 

Equal Parts Dried Pellet Sawdust and PrimeBed

Water is Added at 1 Part Water to 2 Parts Bedding
    After Water Was Poured Over Entire Surfaces

Entire Surface of Pellet Sawdust Is Very Wet.

 After Samples Were Left To Stand For 20 Minutes

Pellets Remain Wet, While PrimeBed Has Shed The Water Downward And Remains Dry On Top.

Pellets Are Very Wet Throughout
 PrimeBed Remains Dry Well Below The Surface

  The 20 Minute Results!


                                                      The Contents Are Spooned

Out of The Containers, It Is Clear From The Photo The Difference.


PrimeBed Is Much Drier and Lighter Due To The More Efficient Absorption and Expansion of The Shives.


Pellets Have Become a Heavy Water Saturated Porridge Type Material, That's Very Wet To The Touch, With No Dry Matter Left Available in The Sample.

With Equal Amounts Of Bedding In Use,  Which  One Will Last Longer, And Stay Drier?
This  is How PrimeBed "Outperforms" and "Outlasts" Pellet Bedding!
In This Next Demonstration, Lets Look at the Unique Absorption Style of PrimeBed versus Pellet Bedding, From A Different Perspective.
Again, Equal Parts Bedding & Water at the 2 to 1 Ratio Are Used For A Side View
Pellet Sawdust Before
Pellet Sawdust After
 Pellet Bedding is Completely Soaked.
  PrimeBed Before 
 PrimeBed After

Clearly Demonstrated in This Photo, Is PrimeBed's Unique Absorption Properties. Water is Shed From The Upper Regions, and Absorbs Efficiently Along The Base. Your Bedding Stays Drier, Lasts Longer, and Remains More Hygienic and Comfortable.  

Which Bedding Would You Want Your Animals Standing or Lying Down On !

With Users Reporting Average Pellet Use Per Week of Around 2 Bags/Stall, Expect To Save Approximately 1 Bag Per Week or Even More When Using PrimeBed.

PrimeBed is competitive in cost to pellets based on usage, let us show you how!
Contact us and ask for "Pellet Cost Comparison"

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What About Shavings?

Soft Wood Shavings (Pine, Spruce, Fir, etc) Are A Popular Bedding Choice Throughout North America, simply because little else is available. Unfortunately the Absorption Capacity is very poor, and they are also a bad choice environmentally. Any form of wood bedding is pure carbon and very slow to biodegrade. Like Pellet Sawdust, they too are pure carbon, making them undesirable for the environment, or fertilizer use. Shavings in particular can take years to biodegrade and breakdown in manure piles, on fields, or in landfill sites.  

Higher Usage and Increased Waste are a common and universal problem when using Wood Shavings for animal bedding. By comparison to PrimeBed Flax Shives, you can expect to use 3 Times More Shavings for the same duty. Take a look at this simple comparison of the considerable advantage in moisture control and overall bedding management when using PrimeBed instead of Shavings.
2 Cups Shavings
1 Cup/250 ml Water is Added
Wet on Top, Saturated on Bottom
       2 Cups PrimeBed
1 Cup/250 ml Water is Added
Dry on Top, Absorbing at Bottom
We Let Both Stand For 20 Minutes, Then Drain Off The Unabsorbed Water.
Shavings Absorbed Only 50 ml of 250ml
PrimeBed Absorbed 150 ml of 250 ml

And PrimeBed doesn't stop there after only 20 minutes, it continues to absorb for hours until nothing remains

Left standing for a few hours, the lower base achieves complete absorption of the full cup of water. (as shown here)

The Shavings sample failed to absorb beyond the 50 ml, with the remaining water left standing unabsorbed at bottom of demonstration container.

In Only 20 Minutes PrimeBed Absorbs 3 Times More Than Shavings!


That's 200  % More!!

The High Consumption & Waste of using Bagged Shavings Versus PrimeBed.
Typical Usage to Maintain Stall
3 Bags of Shavings Per Week
Typical Usage to Maintain Stall
1 Bag of PrimeBed Per Week
(After Initial bed is in place)
(After Initial bed is in place)
15 Bags
Approximately 5 Weeks Usage
Approximately 5 Weeks Usage

PrimeBed may cost a little more per bag at your feed store than Shavings do, but don't be discouraged by this,

As Demonstrated Here Your Weekly Savings Will Begin Adding Up From Day One!

5 Bags

Stop The Madness!

The Waste of Shavings is Simply  Wasted Money!
Not to Mention The Environmental Mess.

Manure Piles grow out of control and take years to biodegrade, or are expensive to dispose of.

     The high waste of shavings simply cant be avoided.      STOP throwing money away on the manure pile.

Paying For Disposal Bin Service?


Reduce your Bin Waste Significantly, weather it be Shavings, Sawdust or Straw that your presently using, These types of bedding products typically represent 50% or more of what actually fills your bin. PrimeBed just isn't like that, now you can reduce the frequency of your pickups by half or less, and/or switch to a smaller bin and Lower Your Disposal Charges!

  • Save on Bedding Costs!
  • Save on Disposal Costs!

Enjoy The Benefits!

No Waste is Produced with PrimeBed.

PrimeBed manure piles remain small and easy to manage, with little to no waste, and biodegrade fast into valuable organic compost. Those wasteful unsightly and burdensome shavings piles can now become a thing of the past. Weather its a growing pile behind the barn or a costly disposal bin, give your bedding and your budget a Performance Boost, and like others are quickly discovering...The Smart Choice is PrimeBed.

  • Become 100% Eco Friendly!
With No Waste, And 3 Times Greater Absorption, Expect To Save At Least 3 Times the Bedding Use Every Week, When You Change To PrimeBed From Shavings.
 That's A Substantial Saving in Money and Bedding Material!
Proven Performance

This Bed is 7 Days Old, and is deep bedded, it has been picked daily, which over this period removed only One Third of One Bag from the Initial bed of Just 4 Bags! The stall is occupied every day by a large 4 year old Quarter Horse Gelding, he has free access between the stall and paddock during the day, and is confined to this stall every night for 12 Hours. The owner in this case had been using Pellets in the past, but is now delighted with finally being Dust Free. Along with the Drier Top and more Hygienic Quality, Value and Simplicity of PrimeBed, she has now Changed Over all the Horses!

See More Features & Benefits Including...Combining PrimeBed with.. or  Enhancing   Sawdust  or  Shavings.  See... "Notables and How to Use"