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I was in search for an alternative bedding source when Jim approached me with this new product called PrimeBed. A new concept in North America but relatively old in Europe which gave me confidence that this was a time tested product. After a brief conversation with Jim and making some calculations we realized that it was more cost effective and time saving to use PrimeBed over the standard 40 lb bag of pelleted bedding.

After a month trial with my four year old and active Quarter Horse gelding I found the benefits of using PrimeBed went beyond just cost effectiveness. The trial was during a very wet period here on the West Coast between January and February. What I found was that PrimeBed absorbed none of the atmospheric moisture that the wood pellets did, it always remained light and fluffy. Even during that period all I found necessary to top up was one bag per week, which was quick and easy as I merely had to open the bag and spread.  NO SOAKING and waiting for the pellets to fluff up, no heavy wheelbarrow. My gelding seemed to be more rested as well as it was easy to keep a deeper bed and hence more comfortable for him to lie down. More rested meant better performance.

I am so grateful for being introduced to this new bedding. I plan on switching all my horses to PrimeBed !






Hi there – am really liking this bedding!! Put in 8 bags and it seems to be doing great! Pokey the little appy came in and had a flat out laydown and was very happy!! If you have anyone in the area that wants to come have a look just get them to give me a call.






I have a small flock (50) Chickens, I have been using Primebed for the past 6 months to bed their house & nesting boxes.

It has been wonderful, it clumps the Chicken manure much like clumping kitty litter, it keeps the floor of the Chicken house & nesting boxes dry.

With Primebed being made of Flax, it is safe for the Chickens to eat and it composts quickly.

I am very pleased with this product.



I have been using as the under-bed in pens with straw on top for my young Goats, and a single pen lasts about a month, so I think I can run two sets before I have to clean out...which is awesome! Next step is to try straight Primebed!

I still have half a pallet, but will definitely be ordering more.


Commercial Goat Producer.

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Good Morning, I am very pleased with the Primebed product, It has been great in the brooding pens for the chicks, the top half inch mats and absorbs the moisture, then we just lift it off, rake out the dry underneath and add what we need to top up. It is much lighter even when damp. We use it in our layer pens too, and maintenance is excellent. Will be back for more in about a month or so.

Thank you for contacting us.
Maple Bay Farm.


I got the Primebed for my miniature horse due to his breathing. I am happy with the fact that it is dust-free bedding, which is what I was looking for. The absorbency is excellent. I also like the light colour of this bedding. The bags are easy to handle.

For myself, I am happy with the Primebed product and with the customer service I have received. With just the one mini, it will be a while before I need to order again, but I will be.




I am very pleased with the bedding, especially for the dust factor. I'm still working on a blend till all my pellets are gone, the Primebed added to the mix helps alot...


Just wanted to shoot you a quick message to let you know how much I love my new bedding! It is wonderful, my mare who refuses to lie down will actually lie down on this. There is no smell, it's easy to spread and seems to break down pretty quickly so everyone is happy. Won't be using anything else, that's for sure. Others at my barn are also convinced and I'm sure will be placing an order soon :). We have used it for horses, chickens and also in our small animal cages. It was also lovely dealing with you, will only be ordering from you in the future! Thanks so much,



Horses & Livestock

Tried this for the first time a week ago starting with 3 bags in my mare's stall and she has slept in her soft bed every night since then. It stays completely dry on top and I have only had to scoop out the pee once. Still doesn't look like I have removed hardly any bedding!


Honey Bees

You may recall sending me some shives by Canada Post last fall for use in my beehives over the winter. I stuffed the Primebed materials inside 2 fabric cases and used them to wick moisture away from the bees all during last winter. I thought I might have to change the quilts during the winter but in fact the shives worked very efficiently- keeping the inside of the hives dry and not retaining any moisture themselves- but wicking it away to the outside.

I have had to sell my hives as I developed an allergy to honey bee stings but I passed on the moisture quilts and your name and company web site with a very high recommendation to the beekeeper who bought my hives.

I recommend the use of Primebed in Bee Hives for moisture control, without reservation.

Thanks very much for selling such a good product.



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